1. What is yAssessment? How does it help in getting a job?
yAssessment is the Campus Hiring solution by Youth4work. Online Assessments for various jobs/internships are listed here for college students searching for opportunities. The students seeking jobs or internships can take the test for the jobs/internships listed as per their qualification. Students must have passkey to attempt the tests. Once a student clears the online test, they are contacted by the recruiters for further process on the basis of their score and results of the psychometric test.
2. What are the requirements for college students to take a test?
The pre-requisites for a college student to attempt a test listed in yAssessment are mentioned below:
(i) You must be a student of the specific college where campus hiring is being conducted.
(ii) You must have the skills and qualifications to apply for the job.
(iii) You must have the passkey required to attempt the test.
3. What are the charges for this assessment?
yAssessment is a free service for college students. Youth4work doesn’t charge anything either from the college administration or from the students of that particular college for the assessment.
4. What is the test pattern of online tests listed under yAssessment?
The tests listed under the yAssessment comprises of two sections viz Core Subject Test and Psychometric Test. The core subject test is as per the job role including few aptitude questions. The total number of questions in each test is 10. The tests have multiple choice questions with time limit set for each question. After the core subject test, there will be a psychometric test which is meant to measure the jobseeker’s job relevant cognitive abilities and personality.
5. Is yAssessment capable of suppressing malpractice/fraud/cheating while attempting the test ?
Yes, yAssessment Solution is capable of monitoring and preventing any kind of malpractice/fraud/cheating while attempting the test. Our technology monitors the following activities while the assessment is going on:
(i) Your browsing movements
(ii) Time taken to attempt each question
(iii) Your IP address
(iv) You are visually monitored through the webcam and random images are clicked If any malpractice is found, then the assessment ends and the candidate is disqualified. Note Switching tabs or minimizing the tab will automatically end the assessment.
6. If I have any query for yAssessment, then whom should I contact?
For any query related to yAssessment or if you are facing any issue while attempting the test or for collaborating with Youth4work for yAssessment solution, kindly email us at shubham.s@youth4work.com or give us a call at +919818826705.
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